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Our Services

Elevate believes that all recovery is person centered and individualized. We use evidence-based practices and help empower each individual in driving their own care and success.

Elevate has open access hours Monday through Friday 1:00pm to 4:00pm. All new clients are welcome to come in during that time for intake for services. Please bring your photo ID and your insurance card.

Crisis Services

Mobile Crisis 

What is Mobile Crisis?

Elevate Mobile Crisis Response team runs 24/7/365! We offer onsite and in-person interventions to individuals experiencing a mental health crisis. We are here to help you at your home or any other location.

Who can we help?

Youth, Adults, Families. ANYONE, ANYWHERE!

How to access services?

Call or text our partners at 988 or YOUR LIFE IOWA and they will dispatch our mobile crisis responders directly to your location.

What counties do we serve?

Black HawkButler, Grundy, Tama, Mitchell, Floyd, WinneshiekAllamakee, Chickasaw, Howard, Fayette, and Clayton counties. COMING SOON TO KEOKUK, WASHINGTON, LOUISA, DES MOINES, LEE, HENRY, JEFFERSON AND VAN BUREN!

  • Crisis Observation Services
  • Law Enforcement Liaisons
  • In-Home Crisis Stabilization
  • 24/7 Crisis Line
  • 23-hour Observation and Holding

Crisis Observation Services (COS)

The Crisis Observation Service (COS) is available to clients ages 5 or older who are experiencing psychiatric/psychological stress which does not require hospitalization.

The COS provides a safe, calm environment where you can meet with a crisis specialist, a nurse and a mental health professional. If appropriate, the COS staff may coordinate an assessment by a psychiatric nurse practitioner if indicated.

COS clients must be able to maintain safe behaviors while utilizing the suite, be able to provide their own basic hygiene needs, be medically stable and willing to work with staff on intake paperwork and discharge planning.

The crisis specialist may also be able to assist clients in setting up mental health appointments and services with Elevate CCBHC or their provider of choice.

405 E 5TH ST, Waterloo, IA 50703
Monday-Thursday 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM, Friday 8:30AM -5:00PM
  • Mental Health Assessments
  • Safety Screening
  • Medication Management
  • Crisis Therapy
  • Coordination and referrals to services

Crisis Care Intervention

Elevate’s Family and Youth Crisis Intervention Program
provides in-home, strength-based programming to the child
and family to reduce the risk of continued or further involvement with the Department of Human Services,
Juvenile Court Services, and/or Law Enforcement.

The Family Crisis Specialist will connect the child and family with the resources they need to be successful, while providing support and mediation services to help the family
identify strengths, needs, and goals.

The Family Crisis Specialist will work collaboratively with
the family to use identified strengths, needs, and goals to aid
in the development and execution of action plans to support
positive outcomes for the child and family.

Taking referrals from: Department of Human services (DHS),
Juvenile Court Services (JCS) & Law Enforcement (LE).

For more information please contact Shannon Henson, Family Crisis Specialist via  email below

Medication Management Services

Health Services Department offers a variety of services that target medication management, monitoring of basic blood labs, venipuncture, medication set-up, basic health education on medication compliance and more. The health services team consists of a psychiatric nurse practitioner, a nurse manager, RN’s, LPN and a medical assistant. Programs under Health Services include:

Medication Management

Medication Management is available to clients 5 years of age or older. Medication Management provides psychiatric evaluation and treatment by a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner. The provider may offer pharmacological management, psychotherapy and social services based on the diagnosis and needs of the client. The psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner and the client work together to create a patient centered treatment plan based on the clients strengths and needs.

Injection Administration

Provides clients with injectable neuroleptics by a licensed nurse or medical assistant under the supervision of the treating psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner and/or treating physician.


Venipuncture is a procedure in which a blood sample is collected by certified staff at Elevate and taken to the lab for testing. This service is offered at the Elevate clinic for your convenience.

GeneSight Testing

The GeneSight Test may have the greatest potential to help clients whose treatment resistance may be related to gene-drug interactions. This simple nasal swab test must be ordered by the psychiatric nurse practitioner. If you are interested in GeneSight testing, inquire about it with the provider at your next appointment to see if you qualify.

Therapy Services

  • Individual
  • Family
  • Couples
  • Group

We believe in helping you with whatever is going on right now and building upon that for ongoing support through individual and group therapy. Every situation is different and your recovery path will be determined and developed by you and your treatment team. 

Our Services
Our Services

Substance Abuse Disorder Treatment

Our program is tailored to clients who are encouraged to find motivation in themselves to change where their life is heading. Our Substance Abuse Disorder Program provides cutting-edge treatment in a structured environment. We provide services for adults and adolescents Our services include:

Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) 
Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays

 Outpatient LEVEL 1
Tuesdays and Thursdays

Family Group Counseling and meetings

Individual Counseling Sessions Included
Coupled with Mental Health Therapist if needed.

Elevate now offers OWI Evaluations! Fee for evaluation is $125.00

Elevate Drop-In Center

Peer Support Group Adults 18+

Drop-In Center is a safe place to come and spend time with people that may experience similar struggles with mental illness and substance abuse. All who have been touched by addiction and mental illness including friends and family are welcome to attend.

Individual Peer Support Counseling Available Upon Request.

617 Mulberry Street, Waterloo, IA 50703
Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 4:30-8:00 pm
For more information contact Thomas Kullen, via phone or email below

Elevate Integrated Health Home Services

Counties served include: Black Hawk, Butler, Grundy, Tama, Mitchell, Floyd, Howard, Chickasaw, Winneshiek, Fayette, Allamakee and Clayton

email Katrina Williams with referral information 

Elevate offers IHH services for adults and children diagnosed with a serious mental illness.  Services include: * Comprehensive Care Management *Care Coordination *Health Promotion *Comprehensive Transitional Care *Individual and Family Support Services * Referral to Social Community Services
Our Services
Who is appropriate for PPASS Clinical Services?

Individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities who are experiencing externalizing mental health symptoms such as aggression or self-injurious behavior. The individual may be a high utilizer of crisis services, challenging to support in the community, or have a recent or ongoing deterioration in skills and abilities.


What is PPASS?

PPASS (Provider Prevention and Support Services) is a statewide initiative to help support long term services support staff in working with challenging individuals. PPASS is based on the model driven from I-START. This is a team of professionals extensively trained in the metal health aspects of intellectual/ developmental disabilities. PPASS  provides community-based crisis prevention and intervention services to individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disability (IDD) and mental health needs and those providing support to best enhance their quality of living.

PPASS promotes systemic, person-centered approaches and provides outreach, training/education, clinical and systemic consultation, crisis plan development, 24/7 crisis support and follow up.

How to Access PPASS Services
  1. Download and fill out PPASS referral form (.docx).
  2. Gather requested documents mentioned on the first page of the document.
  3. Email the form and the requested documentation to

To get additional information on our program, please call 641-525-0401


Need immediate assistance?

For immediate assistance please call our partners at Your Life Iowa. IF THIS IS A LIFE-THREATENING EMERGENCY PLEASE CALL 911